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All you need to know about starting a FINRA registered Broker/Dealer

Welcome to Start a Broker/Dealer!

Starting a FINRA member broker/dealer can be a complex and confusing task.  However, when working with alongside our team of specialists within the HedgeCo Legal and Compliance Group the process is easy to understand and quick to navigate.  Through our consultative style of analysis, we will take the time to understand your future business needs and we will make suggestions that are appropriate based upon those needs. 

Our team is quick and efficient when starting brokerage firms.  We have experience with all levels of broker/dealers and can help to also provide the proper infrastructure for your firm on an ongoing basis.  Depending upon several variables, you may not currently have the staff required to operate a broker/dealer.  In situations like those, our expert team is able to provide you with the support and employees with the proper licenses to help you achieve your goal. 

Most firms that help to start brokerage firms have never even operated one themselves!  Our team contains fully licensed FINRA principals and representatives who are operating broker/dealers currently.  We not only think about what it takes to get you up and running, but also what it takes to see you succeed throughout the life of the firm.

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