Latest Best apps for any Android phone

The Best Android Apps on the Google Play Store

If you have an Android Mobile, you will need some best applications to synchronize your files and other videos images etc, watch movies, catch up on your reading and more. We have compiled the best and most useful applications that Google Play Store has to offer.

(You may notice some crossings with our list of essential iPhone applications. Some applications are that good.)

1. Dropbox
Dropbox allows you to access your files from anywhere.

Dropbox is still the best application to synchronize files seamlessly to and from your portable devices. It works on the web, Windows, macOS, iOS and, of course, Android, which means you never need to find yourself without access to an important file. Dropbox to make an automatic backup of your photos and videos in the cloud, keep that important set of PDF files with you or take notes that synchronize with your laptop.

On the downside, the free Dropbox plan only offers 2 GB of miserable storage. However, if you need more space, premium plans start at $ 10 per month for 1 TB of storage.

2. Plex
Plex transmits your multimedia files to your device.

Plex try to make it easy to stream music, movies, TV series, iamges and more from your PC to your Android device. You must first configure the application on your Windows or macOS computer, and then you can stream any content stored on the hard drive to your phone, no matter where you are.

That said, there are a couple of warnings. However, you can transmit files to other computers for free, to send them to your Android phone, while avoiding limits on the size of your files, you will need a $ 5 Plex Pass subscription per month. , you must have all your content downloaded to the computer disk, because Plex cannot work with protected videos purchased from Google, Apple or Amazon.

3. pocket
Pocket helps you catch up with your reading.

You never have enough time to catch up with all those articles online. Instead of letting tabs proliferate, Pocket allows you to save items from any browser, whether on your computer, tablet or phone. Then, read these pieces whenever you want Android Application. You can even synchronize the items so that they are accessible when you are disconnected. In addition, Pocket removes all advertising and other distractions from web pages to provide you with a clean and easy-to-see reading experience.

Additional features, such as advanced search and automatic tagging, require a premium subscription of $ 5 per month. It also has the additional advantage of removing ads from the Pocket application.

4. Snapseed
Everything you need from an image editor.

You will find many Android applications for photo editing, but we are big fans of Snapseed. It gives you access to almost every image adjustment tool you can imagine, helping you do everything from adjusting colors to removing objects. Do intensive work by adjusting the effects to a very fine level, or simply apply some filters in seconds. Despite the large number of features, Snapseed and its tools are still easy to use. .

Originally a standalone application, Snapseed is now developed by Google. Like many of the applications of the technology giant, it is free.

Snapseed for Android, free

5. VLC player
VLC Player can deal with audio, videos and images.

Android devices can play movies and music from the start, but it is worth complementing their default applications with VLC Player. Think of it as an all-in-one application you can rely on for any media playback job.

VLC Player can handle almost all available file formats. In addition, simple playback includes tons of other features: you can play web streams, apply subtitles, adjust sound settings through the built-in equalizer, watch videos in pop-up windows in addition to other applications, stream content from computers on your Wi-Fi network. Local Fi and more.

VLC Player for Android, free

6. SwiftKey
Update your Android keyboard with SwiftKey.

You may be happy with the keyboard that comes with your Android smartphone, but if you want to take the writing to the next level, then you need SwiftKey, which collects the phrases, jargon and nicknames you trust and uses that information to provide predictions of text and self-correction more

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